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Cindy and her husband, Dave were married in 2011, and together have two perfect babies, Ace and Isabella. Ace was born in December of 2012, and Cindy's passion for photography was instantly reignited! She realized how magical that perfect shot can be, and wanted to share that with others. A few years later, when Isabella was born in October of 2014, Cindy poured herself into photography even more. She continued to offer photography services to friends, honing her craft, and building the foundation for her business. Over the past few years Cindy has become a well sought after photographer in Baton Rouge for newborns, families and professionals.  


Being a momma, I know what an adventure those first few weeks and months are. You are on cloud 9 with your new bundle of joy, but let’s face it: lack of sleep can leave you feeling like that newborn phase slipped away in moments, your memory of the time is a bit fuzzy. As your newborn photographer, I am honored and humbled to capture those precious details. From maternity to newborn to each milestone in between to photographing the entire family, year after year, my goal is to help you document some of the most amazing chapters in your life. ​

The days are long but years are short. Let us capture those special moments in your life.


She is my assistant in the making. She's nurturing and ready to make all my baby clients smile. Isabella is my sassy girl who now has an opinion of what I pick out for her to wear. She is a lover of loud music and dancing.

She can't wait to meet you.



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He is the creator of this business, he is my biggest cheerleader and fan. In July of 2015 he created my LLC from his own desk at work. He saw the passion and the spark in me and wanted to help push me to pursue my dream.
You may not see him at your session but know he is at home being an awesome dad to our two babies while I am loving on yours. He works hard as an engineer by trade and
trains harder for his triathlons in his spare time.

He is my rock and my best friend.


Although my love and passion for photography started before Ace was born he was the one who unknowingly pushed me. Like all moms, I thought and still think he is the cutest baby who ever lived. So naturally, my camera stayed in his face. He is my sweetheart and great at testing sets for all my sessions.

He's a dinosaur enthusiast who is growing so fast.


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